WEDNESDAY, 12th of JULY 2017

NEW EAST CINEMA at CALVERT 22 in collaboration with MUBI


Spain, 2016,

dir. Andrés Duque, 67 min.


Director Andrés Duque will join us via Skype after the screening for a Q&A session led by award-winning music producer Stephen Coates. 

Who is this man who looks as if he stepped out of a story by Gogol? The legendary Oleg Nikolaevitch Karavaychuk is the centre subject of this loving film. Director Andrés Duqe was moved by the music Oleg composed for a Kira Muratova film and ended up becoming the first foreigner to win the trust of the eccentric Russian musical genius. 

Several biographical facts: Oleg Nikolayevich Karavaychuk (1927-2016) played the piano for Stalin as a child prodigy, attended the Leningrad Conservatory and in the course of his career primarily wrote music for theatre and film – for instance, for Paradjanov and Muratova. In Russia, he is admired for his music, but also for his unique and eccentric personality. 

Andrès Duque crafts an intimate cinematic portrait of the brilliant artist, a beautiful film that transports us away from reality with words, gestures and piano sounds, to a world free of social conventions, where clashing dissonance has a liberating beauty.