All These Sleepless Nights director Michal Marczak on following two hedonistic partygoers

Who needs the daytime when you can escape into the night? From the very earliest days of cinema, filmmakers have looked for magic in the "after hours", when the rest of the world is asleep but lovers, criminals, restless young partygoers, drunkards and night workers are still on the prowl and are, for a few minutes at least, the "gods of the city".

A cinematic ode to Warsaw nightlife and the freedom of youth

Polish director Michal Marczak loves to wander; his favourite activity, he explains, is walking "aimlessly" around a city, soaking up its atmosphere. It was on one such stroll in Warsaw that he landed upon the idea for his new film, All These Sleepless Nights - the first since his 2012 debut Fuck For Forest .

All These Sleepless Nights review: a beautiful though broadly irksome chronicle of self-absorbed youth

Polish director-cinematographer Michal Marczak ascends to Malickean heights of oneiricism in this beautiful though broadly irksome chronicle of self-absorbed youth. Following a decadent duo in Warsaw over of a year of hazy hedonism, All These Sleepless Nights gestures towards the uncertainties of youth and the emotional flux that people often find themselves victims of at this liminal stage in life.

All These Sleepless Nights - semi-fictional film by Michal Marczak feat. Michal Huszcza and Krzysztof Baginski

Director - Michal Marczak - 2017 Embark on a one-night binge into self-discovery throughout the streets of Warsaw with Michal and Krzysztof, in a semi-fictional feature by Michal Marczak - this week at the Barbican Polish director Michal Marczak delves into the wonderment of youth in this outstanding semi non-fiction work which won him the prestigious Best Director Award at Sundance Film Festival in 2016.

The New Social present ALL THESE SLEEPLESS NIGHT at Barbican

ALL THESE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS A film by Michał Marczak Screening at the Barbican on Wednesday 29th March / 6.30pm With post screening Q&A with director Michal Marczek Sitting somewhere between fiction, documentary and 'constructed reality', filmmaker Michal Marczak's ALL THESE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS is an ode to the vibrancy of modern-day Warsaw, a city in a state of flux suspended between its traumatic past and a future powered by a new generation bursting with energy.

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Cinema is still only a youthful art form, and one some filmmakers will describe as an amalgamation of the other artistic mediums. To begin to understand or appreciate the emergence of cinema out of these other art forms, the perspective of a filmmaker for whom film is not their primary voice of creative expression, offers an insight into the amalgamation of the forms. Bulgarian writer-director Ralitza Petrova is in a position to offer such a perspective, finding creative expression in her youth through sculpture, fine art and poetry before discovering film.