Film Programmes & New East Cinema

The New Social takes a sweeping look across Russia and the former Soviet republics to uncover how new social identities are being played out on film in the post-socialist era. Last year marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Twenty-six years have passed since the beginning of the collapse the USSR and east European socialism, yet its remains still haunt the present. At once both repugnant and yet retaining a palpable sense of nostalgia, this past must be constantly navigated in an effort to build and sustain new identities, whether private or public, individual or collective. 

New East Cinema is a monthly series of films and talks organised in collaboration with the Barbican and Calvert 22, and which seeks to uncover the most thought-provoking, daring and vibrant cinema coming out of today’s ‘New East’.

The films in this programme, many of which have been picked directly from the international film festival circuit, will be being screened in the UK for the first time. The series goes in search of filmmakers who are not only redefining the cinematic language of their respective countries, but are asking what this ‘post-Soviet’ or ‘post-socialist’ landscape may look like and what legacy it bears. Whether surreal, outright fantastical, outlandish or sobering, these films share a hunger for personal and authentic storytelling and ways of seeing.

While the programme at Calvert 22 focuses on documentaries, artist and experimental films, at the Barbican the series showcases recent feature-length auteur-driven films from the international festival circuit. 

New East Cinema is organised by Olya Sova, Teodosia Dobriyanova, Karina Gechtman and Evgeny Gusyatinsky